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People joinery team was founded by merging several carpenters after the Second World War. In 1956 it was consolidated under the cooperative construction Brod and in 1990 the company was transformed INTEX vd The main content has become a custom production of high quality wooden, upholstered and metal furniture. Since the early 90's production complex is undergoing continuous modernization to enable clients to maximize design freedom. We have a production capacity of around 70 employees and a turnover of 80 miles. / Year.

After more than 20.leté history we have realized several dozen very challenging implementations. Whether it was a hotel complexes, apartments or houses. Part of the implementation can be consulted on this website. For privacy reasons we are only a few private buildings by prior arrangement with the investor and without specifying location. The vast majority of clients regularly cooperates with us and turn to us with other implementations.

For a long period of our existence we cooperate with many leading architects and designers that we can recommend for drafting specializing in different styles. In case you are interested in our work, we are ready to provide assistance with fastening the end of the project to your full satisfaction.

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Ing. Jaroslav Smejkal

INTEX v.d.
Bramboříkova 2993/6
106 00 Praha 10 Záběhlice
IČO: 00528692
VAT: CZ 00528692
tel.: +420 721 612 536

K pískovně 2
250 69 Hoštice
post Vodochody
tel.: +420 606 215 860

Koželská 601
584 01 Ledeč nad Sázavou
tel.: +420 569 726 016

5.30 am - 2.10 pm

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